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Welcome to Aptana Studio’s Tender.

After a few years of using Tender, the product no longer meets our needs, so we are phasing out its usage. In its place, we have the following support mechanisms, which will believe will give a better experience and faster response times.

Documentation. If you need help, the first place to look is the documentation.

How-to Questions. The Studio developers are hanging out on stack Overflow under the "Aptana" tag. Ask your question there and someone from the Aptana community will help answer it ASAP.

Bugs and Features. If it's a bug or a feature request, submit it to our bug tracker. Please check to make sure it's not a current issue before adding a new one.

Titanium Support. If you have a Titanium SDK or Titanium Studio-specific question, use the Appcelerator forums to get your issue answered. If you are a paid customer with a support plan, the Help Desk is your best resource. Visit the site

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